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We work with you to create a beautiful environment that is functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. From bringing extraordinarily talented design skills to partnering with knowledgeable specialists and contractors, we will help turn your dreams into reality!

About Style house

Style House encompasses everything you could ever want in an interior design team.

A native Chicagoan, Karen has built her design firm by focusing on each project with careful attention to detail. She has a respect for classic, timeless design, and genuine interest in her clients, their lives and how they hope to utilize their spaces.

Style house’s creative combination of various materials, textures and color, integrated with a thorough understanding and expert knowledge of interior detailing, scale and proportion has propelled the firm and its work into the current design conversation, which defies trends and curates spaces that clients find relaxing, interesting and comfortable. 

Meet Karen

step one

We're delighted that you’re considering us for your interior design journey! Let’s kick off this exciting adventure: simply fill out the contact form on our website. From there, we'll set up a 20-minute complimentary discovery call, a perfect opportunity for you to share all the wonderful details about your project and your needs. Your vision is our inspiration!

Following this cozy chat, we might plan an in-person meeting to truly understand your space. If you're interested in our Specialty Consultations (priced at $250), we'll explain all the details during our friendly discovery call.

Once we've thoroughly grasped the essence of your project and estimated the costs involved, we’ll arrange another call to delve into the full project details and pricing together. If our ideas align with your dreams and you decide to proceed, we'll take care of the paperwork – a retainer and a letter of agreement – and officially begin this fantastic design journey side by side. Your dream space awaits!

Design Consultation

step two

Welcome to the heart of our creative process! Here, we dive into the intricate details of your project, meticulously measuring, drawing, and planning every element. Imagine stepping into a world of possibilities: you'll receive beautifully crafted floor plans, elevations, and, in certain cases, enchanting 3D renderings.

To truly bring the vision to life, we'll share actual product and material samples, allowing you to touch, feel, and experience the design firsthand. Plus, get ready to be inspired by our digital mood board, a visual feast that captures the essence of your dream space. It's all about immersing you in the enchanting journey of your personalized design transformation. Let the magic unfold!

Schematic Design

step three

Ah, welcome to the enchanting realm of our design development stage! This is where your dreams truly take shape. Any tweaks or adjustments to the design plan are skillfully crafted to perfection. If required, we enter into a construction contract, ensuring a seamless transition from vision to reality. Together, we make the final selections, choosing products and materials that resonate with your unique style.

But here's the exciting part – your approval is key! We seek your nod of delight for every design nuance and selection, ensuring they mirror your vision impeccably. With your approval in hand, we eagerly move forward, placing orders and setting the stage for the magical transformation of your space. Your satisfaction and excitement guide our every move, making this journey as delightful as the end result promises to be. Let’s continue weaving this design tale together!

Design Development

step four

Ah, the moment of anticipation has arrived! With all the carefully curated products and materials, from elegant cabinetry to exquisite tiles and plumbing fixtures, safely gathered, construction is set to begin.

Picture the stage being set for a grand performance – every element meticulously chosen, waiting to come together and create the masterpiece that is your dream space. It’s a thrilling step forward in our shared journey, where your vision transforms into the tangible reality of a beautifully crafted interior. Let the construction magic commence!


step five

Prepare to be amazed as your space undergoes its magical transformation! It's during this construction stage that the enchantment truly unfolds. Imagine vibrant tiles, paint that breathes life into walls, and the gentle glow of carefully chosen plumbing and lighting fixtures gracing your space. Rugs unroll, furniture finds its perfect spot, and draperies gracefully cascade, adding layers of elegance.

But the magic doesn't stop there – art finds its place on walls, and carefully selected accessories breathe soul into every corner. Each detail is thoughtfully curated, creating a symphony of beauty and functionality. And once this masterpiece is complete, we capture its essence through expert photography, preserving the enchantment for you to admire and cherish. Get ready to witness the breathtaking finale of your interior design journey – a space that mirrors your dreams and radiates your unique essence. Your satisfaction is our ultimate achievement, and this is where it all comes to life!

Design Development

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